Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bikes and Brews

Synergy is an often misused term, or at least it was in business a few years ago. But, I think this qualifies for synergy and where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Portland is certainly known for its brewing. The city is a leader in the craft brewing scene with more than 30 breweries within the metropolitan area. The Oregon Brewers Festival, one of the largest festivals of craft beer in the country, celebrates that success every year.

Portland is also known nationally and internationally for a growing and robust bicycle culture. Aided by content-rich BikePortland blog, the city's volume of bicycle commuting, racing, touring and just plain bike fun continues to expand.

It's only natural that two of Portland's leading cultural commodities would get together. Enter Pedal Tours of Portland and their latest tour, Oregon Brewery Trail Tour coinciding with the festival.

The festival no doubt benefits by highlighting the connection between Portland's rich bicycle scene, the city's local breweries and the celebration of craft brewing at the festival. Let's hope that Pedal Bike Tours of Portland is rewarded with plenty of folks wanting to learn more about the city's breweries before they settle in at the festival.