Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is it a stunt or another approach to authentic brewing?

The following video represents one of the more ambitious and expensive ways to create a unique beer. It is also a publicity stunt worthy of P.T. Barnum. I say that with great respect.

Here is a very limited release of a beer that sells for the equivalent of $26 USD, though most folks will never have the opportunity to spend that much on it. With just 960 bottles produced, don't look for it in the aisles of the local Fred Meyer.

Jeff Alworth at Beervana has already discussed this brewery and this beer, so I'll leave you in his far more able hands when it comes to taste and style.

This is perhaps the most vivid, and perhaps expensive and dangerous, promotion of a craft beer that I've seen. Interesting that just a few years ago, the Oregon Brewers Festival considered bringing the festival-opening keg up the Willamette River on a sailboat. In that case, as in the case of BrewDog, it was all about the publicity, not authenticity.

Regardless, three cheers to BrewDog for lifting our spirits.